MUSCLETECH Mission1 Clean Protein Bar (60 g.)

Hard-training athletes aren’t just looking for a bar that packs the most protein. They want clean nutrition that delivers incredible taste. That’s why Mission1 features superior ingredients for a clean protein bar with amazing flavor!
Available in 3 different Flavours:
a. Chocolate Brownie
b. Cookies & Cream
c. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
Key Features:
21g Protein17g Fiber5g Net Carbs1g Sugar0g Sugar Alcoholswith Stevia

Product Description

This incredible bar features 21g of only high-quality, micro-filtered 100% isolate protein from whey and milk with no inferior sources like gelatin or collagen. You also get 17g of healthy fiber with only 5g net carbs. Cookies and Cream Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are sweetened with stevia. You can trust that every delicious bite has no artificial flavors or colors – just clean, premium nutrition that never tasted so good!





Cookies and Cream Mission1 Clean Protein Bars combine creamy vanilla ice cream flavor with tasty chunks of chocolate créme cookies for the ultimate flavor experience that will satisfy even your most extreme sweet tooth! Plus, Cookies and Cream Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are packed with 21g of protein and 17g of fiber – leaving you with a euphoric combination of flavor and nutrition





There was nothing better as a kid than when Mom baked homemade cookies and you got to lick the cookie dough off the spoon! That’s how you’ll feel after your first bite of delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Mission1 Clean Protein Bar. Oozing with decadent chocolate chips and the delicious taste of fresh cookie dough, this incredible new bar is a clean, convenient treat that will make you think Mom just baked a fresh batch. And with 21g of protein and 17g of fiber, you can enjoy the delicious taste of raw cookie dough and chocolate chips guilt-free and without ever preheating your oven.





Love brownies? Then you’re going to love the MuscleTech®’s Chocolate Brownie Mission1 Clean Protein Bar! This delicious bar starts with the richest, creamiest chocolate, reminiscent of that favorite childhood flavor. Velvety smooth in texture and filled with the perfect amount of sinful chocolate fudge flavor, Chocolate Brownie Mission1 Clean Protein Bars are not just packed with mouthwatering chocolate taste, they also feature 20g of protein and 20g of fiber, making it the ultimate way to get your chocolate fix – without any guilt!