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Vitargo S2™ is a patented fraction of non-bioengineered starch, a sugar-free carbohydrate for Fueling (PRE and INTRA) and Recovery (POST), for any intense training or competition. Vitargo is unique in that it has been university tested in humans for its speed through the stomach (gastric emptying)1, muscle glycogen replacement2, and recovery performance after exhaustive exercise3. No other “designer” carb product has this evidence, including gels, “special” starches, maltodextrin/glucose polymers, special “homopolysaccharides”, or highly branched cyclic dextrin (HBCD).

Vitargo S2 can be made into a drink, a gel/pudding, or frozen, and can be mixed with any other low to zero carb nutrition product (especially pre-workout and protein products). Each batch of Vitargo S2 is certified free of banned substances by the only lab that is WADA experienced in North America, Vitargo™, Proof Before Promises™.

Every Superhero has an Origin Story. This is Vitargo’s.

In 1994 I met Professor Eric Hultman, whose university lab gave rise to these titanic sports nutrition innovations: carb loading (to maximize muscle glycogen and endurance; 1960s) and creatine loading (to increase muscle strength, size, and power; 1980s). In 1996 he sent me the secret results of a carb vs. carb comparison study-with muscle biopsies-that they had just finished.

The reason for this urgent contact?

It was because the results had surprised him. He had originally designed the study thinking, “A carb is a carb”, but after exhaustive exercise and intensive post-exercise carbohydrate supplementation, one carb stood out for a very important reason: it delivered much faster muscle glycogen “refueling”. As you’ve likely surmised, that unique carbohydrate was Vitargo®.

Vitargo is a multi-patented, fractionated starch, and was the first sugar-free, ultra “complex” carb yet it is “ultra fast”-the exact opposite of what many would expect. Through numerous university studies in humans (often head-to-head against the fastest generic carb-maltodextrin, AKA glucose polymers), Vitargo’s speed through the gut and entry into muscle (via muscle biopsy studies) make it the confident choice for: PRE, INTRA, and POST fueling, glycogen loading, and the perfect stack with pre-workout, amino acid/BCAAs, protein, and electrolyte products, so you can dial in the perfect carb dose.

Vitargo remains the benchmark carb, reinforced by our continuous, ongoing university research program in both strength/physique and endurance athletes. If you are low carb, keto, Paleo, vegan, or just “regular carb”, I invite you to read on and consider Vitargo for those moments when carbs become critical. The Fastest Muscle Fuel™. Proof Before Promises®.

Anthony L. Almada, MSc, FISSN (Nutritional & exercise biochemist)
Founder and CEO
Vitargo Global Sciences, Inc.

Directions For Vitargo S2:


In a shaker bottle:
Add 10-12 oz. of water (room temp. is best) to a large shaker bottle.
Add 2 level scoops of Vitargo® S2 and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.
Add an additional 10-12 oz. of cold water and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.

In a blender
For best results add 2 level scoops into a blender with water while it’s blending at low-medium.


PRE- (before) or INTRA- (during) training or competition:
Mix 1 or 2 level scoops of Vitargo S2 as stated above. Feel free to add your favorite pre-workout, amino acid, electrolytes, or other non-carb supplement. Note that Vitargo is a fractionated STARCH and is thicker/more viscous than other powdered drinks.

POST- (after) training or competition, or for glycogen loading:
Drink 2 level scoops as soon as possible after finishing. Ideally, mix 20-25 grams of a protein source. After longer training/competition (>1-1.5 hrs) take another 1-2 scoops 30-90 minutes later.

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