Established in 1998, Royal Majesty is a leading supplier of sports and nutrition products in the Kingdom of Bahrain and throughout the Middle East. Based in Bahrain, and with a growing and prestigious client base across the GCC and beyond; Royal Majesty helps countless people achieve their health and fitness goals. We offer a wide range of high quality dietary and weight loss supplements that are safe and proven to get results! Our products include protein powders, multi-vitamins, muscle gainers and fat burners. In addition to supplements that supercharge your health regime, Royal Majesty offers a range of superior gym accessories and the latest sportswear. Royal Majesty is your one stop shop towards a healthier and more active life! At Royal Majesty we understand that every person’s needs and goals are unique. Our dedicated team of professionals tailor a supplement program designed to meet your individual health which lifestyle needs and help you achieve your goals . Royal Majesty consultants are ready to set you up for success at our showrooms located in Riffah and Zinj , or feel free to contact us by phone or email.



We strive to exceed our customer expectations every day.


We believe in continuously improving our product and service offerings to help our customer achieve their goals


Our customer approach has been streamlined to ensure the utmost service efficiency, while behaving respectfully in every relationship.


We act with transparency and honesty and take full responsibility for everything we do.


We are committed to offering the highest quality products and services always.


In a remarkable career spanning a little over 20 years, Our CEO has moved across continents, and risen to heading his own company as Royal Majesty Sports and Nutrition . In between, he has gained hands-on experience in delivering global Sports and Nutrition Suppliments with Customer satisfaction, including B2B and B2C Customers


When not spearheading new ideas at Royal Majesty Sports and Nutrition, Our Founder loves to travel and to speak to start-ups and entrepreneurs and Gym. He is also deeply into spirituality and philanthropy.